Barbershop Poison

by Vicarious

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released November 12, 2016

Brad Williamson- lead vocals, bass guitar, ukulele bass (3), backing vocals, alto/tenor/baritone saxophone (1, 6)

Colin Moser- electric guitar, acoustic guitar (3, 5), keyboards (1, 3, 4), backing vocals (1, 2)

Zach Winton- drum set, auxiliary percussion (1, 2, 5), backing vocals (1)

Engineered by Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst Recording in Charlotte, NC.

All music is written, arranged, and performed by Brad Williamson, Colin Moser, and Zach Winton.

An incredibly special thanks to Danny Winton, who provided us with the opportunity to bring our ideas to fruition.



all rights reserved


Vicarious Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Floatation Device
Verse 1:
You make me wanna scream your name
From the top of every building
Recently nothing seems the same
Ever since you put your foot inside my door

One week that changed my life for the better
Who knew that time could go so fast?
Two eyes that I never thought could be so clever
But you changed my mind

The feeling that I get every time you say my name
Makes me gasp for air like my head's trapped underwater
Baby please
I'm drownin in your love
Looking in your eyes makes my heart race
Like I'm treading open water
With no floatation device
I'm drownin in your love


Verse 2:
Feels like I'm 624 miles beneath the surface
Yeah the water's fine down here
But the pressure's far too high

Three words that used to make me shiver
But they're so familiar now
Four letters that could flow out of my mouth like a river
Where I'd like to swim



(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Overwhelmed
Verse 1:
Could you please repeat?
You see I'm running low on sleep
The days keep getting longer,
But the hours growing short
I wish that I could leave it all
Behind and start again
But too many things are on my mind
It feels like it'll never end

Cause my head is spinning
No end or beginning
Even time's against me
Am I going crazy?
And my life's chaotic
And I feel robotic
Still I can't escape it
And it seems to me I'm overwhelmed

Verse 2:
Taking things just day by day
I barely make it by
Stress is my religion
And I love it, I can't lie
So many people breathing down my neck,
My legs begin to fail me
And my heart begins to fail me



{Building, building up} x4

Track Name: Only Man
Verse 1:
Even the moral get carried away
But should just one fall define and outweigh?
The victims of judgement are rarely to blame
And nothing could ever stop the
Train of madness carrying scapegoats for madness

Though far from the martyr you're looking for
A fallen angel stands before you all
Singing the song of the damned
And chanting that "I am only man"

Verse 2:
Snap back, back to his past filled with memories of joy
They're all behind him, his future is nothing but shame
"But who could blame the poor kid?" "Yeah, he's only a boy"
A casualty of curiosity


Visions of suicide dance in his brain
Knowing that there ain't no easy way out
And all popularity straight down the drain
Cause everyone knows his face can't be shown round here anymore

All so obsolete

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Sawdust
Verse 1:
Ignorant fools
Thinking they're helping
Unwarranted hate
Under-supported by faith

A solid stance
Impossible to change
Look past your bias
And set loose the reigns

Chorus 1:
Backwards thinking
Falling out of touch
Sawdust flying
Weapons in your clutch

Verse 2:
Singling out
To cover the truth
Ruining lives
Do you really care about the youth?

You took away
The one thing that's left when there's nothing else there
And now you'll pay
In more ways than one, can't you see what you've done?

Chorus 2:
Backwards thinking
Falling out of mind
You're at fault for
Sawdust in your eyes


Chorus 3:
Backwards thinking
How can you say that you've won?
You're at fault for
Sawdust in your lungs

And the damage is done and you can't just ignore
All those beautiful faces now trapped behind doors
You selfish bastard
Step down from your throne!
Track Name: Raaa
Verse 1:
Droplets falling on my head
The storm is coming soon enough to go back home to bed
Or should I stay here?
Here with you and bear the rain
Together holding hands
Fools beneath the clouds above
But I just can't stop thinking
About the warm soft comfort of my home
Safe and alone
But if it hails,
Oh God now if it hails
I brought along a small umbrella
To share with you or fly away but

I keep wavering

Risk or refuge
Constantly conflict with my
Kills me slowly
Painstakingly I bear the wait it's
Cutting to my bone

Verse 2:
The ground we stand on
Is getting darker as we walk towards a sky that's even darker
Yet neither of us halt
Caught in your eyes
And I refuse to look away because
I know you know as well as I do
We'll never get the chance to
Play in the streets
Or dance offbeat
Yeah our list is incomplete
But oh well
Yeah our time is running short so let's make the best of it
Yeah our time is running short so let's make it count

But I keep wavering



Risk or refuge
Constantly conflict with my
Kills me slowly
Painstakingly I bear the wait it's
Cutting to my bone

So go inside
That's where you'll hide
From pouring rain and this
Unforgiving world
I wish the rain would go away
But Mr. Blue is sick today
So by for now, but not for long cause
We will meet again

Wipe those tears away
And smile
Track Name: Figure It Out
Verse 1:
Lost in the confusion of love
Somewhere along the way you had led me along
And made me think all that I knew was wrong
Put me out of my misery
Just give me an answer yes or no
I never thought I'd feel this woe

Motivation gone
Pain goes on and on
I haven't got a clue about what to do, but I'll
Figure it out

Verse 2:
You said you cared for me
Ha ha! Did you think I couldn't see
The facts laid out in front of me
Told me that you'd never betray
I can see right through your vapid lies
And I can see the magic in your eyes